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Out of The Shadows — Lamar Gant

The Kelso Shrug System: A Practical Guide for Body Builders and Strength Athletes — Dave Ramsey

Арт.: 904704689

Автор:   Lamar Gant
Переплет:    Мягкий
Страниц:    46
Формат:    150x230 мм


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Out of the Shadows is the inspiring true story of Lamar Gant, a man who fought through many challenges to become a successful international world record-holding power lifter. After meeting the wife of a fan one day at the market, he realized that there were a number of errors in people’s knowledge about him. This included his basic biography and also his records. This inspired Gant to write this book, a personal memoir exploring his childhood, his challenges, and his ultimate triumphs. About the Author Lamar Gant is a dedicated and hard-working father. He considers being a father to his son, Israel, his greatest honor and joy. Gant is an international word-record holding powerlifter. He still holds the IPF word record in the 123lb. and 132lb. divisions for the deadlift. In 1985, Lamar became the first person to deadlift five times his own bodyweight. Lamar retired from powerlifting in 1998. He was diagnosed with Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis at the age of fourteen. He uses every opportunity to inspire and encourage other people with Scoliosis.


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